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In Jack's Arms
My first ever fanfiction.  Pete becomes really mean and breaks up with Sam, and Sam finds comfort in Jack's arms. Sam/Jack
Why Couldn't It Have Just Been Me?
Takes place during Entity, in Jack's POV.  Sorta Sam/Jack
Daddy's Little Girl
Jacob finds out Sam's engaged to Jack, and some more fun surprises... and one not so fun... Sam/Jack Daniel/Janet Teal'c/Ishta

NEW: What If?
I finally finished it!  Oh my god, it's been on my mind for god knows how long! 

Sam loses someone important to her, and realizes just how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you care about.  SamJack

WARNING: Character death and character ressurection. 
Whee look at all the colors!  LOL!  Okay I'm a tad crazy right now, I have horrible mood swings, my parents think there's something wrong with me.  They don't understand me at all!  Oh my god!  I like Stargate, I know I'm obsessed, but isn't it their fault?  They are the ones who got me hooked ya know! 
I Care
This is my most heart-felt fanfic, at least in my eyes.  I do alot of Jack POV during season 4, because IMO it was the shippiest season of the seires.  So far, 2 S4POV fanfics of mine have been made, and I love them both.  I was on a ship write off this weekend, after reading three SGA McWeir fanfics friday night. Then saturday, I read some more of a fanfic called A Mother's Love on by janissima. 
I decided to not let anyone put comments on this one, simply because it's what I want you to remember me by, I have decided I needed a break from fanfic writing.  I really need to focus more on school.  My grades aren't what they should be, and right now, I really need to concentrate. 
However, to all my Daddy's Little Girl fans, I will update my fic when I can.  Simply because I left you on such a hang, and I can't put you in withdrawl can I? LOL.
Never Mind.
Oh, and to all gullible readers, I am not going to quit.  That 'Never Mind' was not a reference to Stargate to ease the pain. 
Although it was a good reference, was it not? LOL.
I still think that has to be like, the greatest referance to Zero Hour ever. 

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