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The Characters Of Stargate SG-1

Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'neill

Richard Dean Anderson (Yes, MacGyver)
Brigadere General Jonathan "Jack" O'neill
Had a wife- Sara O'neill
Had a son (deceased)- Charlie O'neill
Sara divorced him shortly after Charlie's death.  Poor Jack!
Um, hardly anyone knows his real name is Jonathan, but it is.  I bet ya any money if you called him that, he'd blow your head off.
Catch phrase: "Oh for cryin' out loud!"


Amanda Tapping
Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter
Samanta "Sam" Carter, Theoretical Astropysicist and probably the best example of me.  She is much like me on the inside, but little like me on the out. 
Second youngest member of SG-1, and first female, at least that I'm aware of, to go through the gate.  Also has a crush on Jack!  Awwww...


Don S. Davis
Major General George Hammond
Commanding Officer of the SGC (Before season 8).  Has 2 granddaughters and is only seen once off-world.  Was threatened by the NID once, only to furter infuriate Jack, which led to their demise... Bwhahaha...
Good friend to SG-1 and to most fans (How can you not like Hammond??) and will be seen again in "Prometheus Unbound"


Michael Shanks
Dr. Daniel Jackson
Daniel (a.k.a. "The Geek") was the person who helped make the Stargate work.  He translated all those symbols on the coverstone in two weeks!
Don't call him Geek or Danny.  The last time somebody called him geek, well, watche Upgrades and see!  Let's just say he learned a few tricks from Jack.
Youngest member of SG-1, and he seems to have a friend on every planet.  He did have a wife at one point, Sha're, but she was captured by Apophis, so he joined SG-1 to find her.  He did, but she was taken over by Amonet (Apophis's wife) and tried to kill him.  In the end, Teal'c had to kill her.  Poor Daniel!


Christopher Judge
Former first prime of Apophis.  Had a wife and Son, Rya'c.  After betraying Apophis, his home was destroyed, and his family was banished from the city.  They all seemed to have had rough lives before joining SG-1, didn't they? 
Teal'c, oldest member of SG-1 (At 114 years old), is still learning about Earth's customs. 


Teryl Rothery
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Good ol' Doc Fraiser, as Jack calls her, is the head doctor at the SGC and Sam's best friend.  OH WHY, OH WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE???!
If you want to know what the hell I'm talking about, watch Heroes Part 2 (Season 7)

Amanda Tapping-
Richard Dean Anderson-

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