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I Care- A Divide And Conquer Fic

I Care


She’s gorgeous.  Drop gorgeous.  Could you blame me for falling in love with her?  She’s kind, she’s generous, she understands, and she’s got a damn good shot. 

She’s the kind of that drives a guy wild, and anybody could see that I care about her.

But why the damn regulation?  The damn regulation that forbids me from just taking her into my arms.


“How did you feel?”

“Like someone was about to die.”


It’s only true!




But not the whole truth.


“I didn’t leave because I’d have rather died myself than to have lost Carter.”



What do ya mean why?  Do you think I was gonna stand by and watch her get shot by some damned Jaffa, and dragged of to be a host?  Nobody deserves a fate like that, especially not her.  If anyone was going to die it was going to be me.  But it had to be explained to the Tok’ra ditz and her little machine of truth.


“Because I care about her… a lot more than I’m supposed to.”


There I said it.  The thing I’ve been keeping inside of me forever.  I LOVE SAMANTHA CARTER!  And right now, I could shout it to the world, because my love for her is certain, and it will never change, ever.  Even if she didn’t love me back.


“Now retest me.”


She helped me get the band around my head off.  I put my hand on the armrest, and she of course, ally put her hand on mine.  Pretending it never happened, I wished her luck.

“Good luck, Carter.”

“Thank-you, sir.”


Oh how I wish she’d call me Jack.  Just once.

And I secretly wish that that moment of linked hands would last forever.  Just me and her.


“I told him to go…  But he didn’t.”

“Why did you tell him to leave?”

“I didn’t want him to suffer the same fate as every other man that fell in love with me.”

“What was their fate?”



I looked at the screen, it was red.  Which mean she wasn’t telling everything.



She sighed, “I told him to go…  Because, despite he’s like my complete opposite, I if I knew I was the reason he was .”


“Because the one man in the Stargate system that makes me feel the way I do is him, and I’d give anything to be with him.”


She looked like she’d just revealed her deepest, darkest secret.  She probably had.  She was after all one of the most important Majors in the United States Air Force.


And yet she was still my Sam, and I would care about her no matter what.


My Sam…  I love the sound of that.



"I Care" is (C) of me, no exeptions.  The characters, any referecnes, is property of MGM, Gekko Film Corp., and Double Secret Productions. 
So basically, I don't own Stargate SG-1, Stargate, or Stargate Atlantis.  But if you copy my fic you're stepping on a landmine, you publish it as original fiction (meaning everything is property of you), you might aswell say goodbye to Kansas and say hello to Judge Judy, cause MGM's gonna find out and sue you big!
You have been warned!

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