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United States Air Force Officer Ranks

Let me explain this.  If you are a gater, you have heard a variety of USAF ranks.  But there are two categories of ranks, Enlisted and Officer.  Enlisted includes Airman and Sergeant, and Officer includes all of the below. 
Enlisted Insignas are always located on the sleeve (right i think)
Officer Pins are always located on the shoulders.

2nd Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Brigadeir General
Brigadeir General

Major General
Major General

Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General


So who's where?
Lieutenant (1st& 2nd): Jennifer Hailey (Prodigy and Proving Ground), Grogan (Proving Ground), Satterfield (Proving Ground), Elliot (Proving Ground), Astor (Divide And Conquer),  and many others.
Captain: Where Sam started in '97 on the pilot episode, ending at or around season 4.
Dr. Fraiser, believe it or not, is also a USAF officer, and was also a Captain.
Major: Sam was promoted to Major at or around Season 4, ending at Season 8's episode, New Order Part 2.
The Pentagon liason, Paul Davis, is also a Major. Dr. Frasier is now, everybody knows that, but before she died she was a major. 
Lieutenant Colonel: Sam was promoted to Lt. Col. during Season 8's episode, New Order Part 2. 
Smauels, from a few of Season 1&2's episodes, was a Lt. Col.
Colonel: Jack was a Colonel from the pilot episode to Season 8's episode, New Order Part 2. 
Harry Maybourne, Frank Simmons, and Kennedy, are/were also Colonels.
Brig. Gen.: Jack was promoted to Brigadier General in New Order Part 2. 
Maj. Gen.: George Hammond is a Major General, where he currently stands.
Sam's dad, Jacob Carter, was a Major General before retiring.
Lt. Gen.: Think General Vidrine from Tangent.
Gen.: Think General Ryan from the beginning of Prodigy.

The pictures aren't mine, I got them off SG-1 Archive's forum.
I don't wanna get into trouble with those guys, plus, I can't make stuff like that.  The only things that acutally might be mine are the Brig. Gen., Lt. Gen, and Gen.  But I made those using the Maj. Gen. one which is of course, from 
I also learned all the ranks (Memorized 'em, not copy and paste crap) from 
Just wanted to credit them on their work, and if you wanted me to ask, SORRY!!  I just saved them to my hard drive then decided to put them on my site for a visual aid :)
So, not like I stole bandwith or anything, and if you want me to take them off, just tell me and I will, and go find some others or make my own. 

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