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Ok, never use tripod.  The guide thingy they give you is so gay!  Ok anyways, there is no way I am going to fit every single episode into this itty-bitty space.  So I got all the episode review URLs from the SG-1 Archives.  They are not mine and I do not lay claim to them.  I will list the names and  origional air dates of the episodes in the seasons they are under, chonologically of course. for Season 1 only.  It takes waaaay too much time. 
101-Children Of the Gods parts 1&2- July 27, 1997 (One full pilot episode- Contains Graphic Nude- Rated R for good reason!  But there are other great parts to the pilot episode, so if you don't want to see any nude- skip chapter 16 or 17.  It says something about Sha're being implanted with a Goa'uld.  You'll know when it comes up.)
102-The Enemy Within- August 1, 1997
103-Emancipation- August 8, 1997
104-The Broca Divide- August 15, 1997
105-The First Commandment- August 22, 1997
106-Cold Lazarus- August 29, 1997
107-The Nox- September 12, 1997
108-Brief Candle- September 19, 1997
109-Thor's Hammer- September 26, 1997
110-The Tourment Of Tantalus- October 3, 1997
111-Bloodlines- October 10, 1997
112-Fire and Water- October 17, 1997
113-Hathor- October 24, 1997
114-Singularity- October 31, 1997
115-Cor-ai- January 23, 1998
116-Enigma- January 30, 1998
117-Solitudes- February 6, 1998
118-Tin Man- February 13, 1998
119-There But For The Grace Of God- February 20, 1998
120-Politics- February 27, 1998
121-Within The Serpent's Grasp- March 6, 1998 (Part 1 of 2)

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